ENERGY & TECHNOLOGY CORP. Files SEC form 10-Q, Quarterly Report


Quarterly Report



Headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, with production facilities in Houston, Texas and Abbeville, Louisiana, Energy & Technology, Corp. provides non-destructive testing (NDT) services, OCTG and oilfield pipe sales, service and storage, and rig and equipment sales. Originally founded on May 11, 1971 as an inspection company, Energy & Technology, Corp. currently serves customers throughout the oil patch of Louisiana and Texas as well as in Canada, Mexico, and in the Gulf of Mexico. The Company's customer base of over 130 accounts consists of major oil companies, steel mills, material suppliers, drilling companies, tool rental companies, and natural gas storage operators. Due to the nature of its technology, the Company maintains competitive advantages in offshore deep water and other onshore critical projects.

Technical Industries, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy & Technology, Corp., manufactures its own proprietary NDT equipment. The Company's patented ultrasonic systems have some of the largest OD and pipe length capabilities in the industry and the deepest penetration capability offered for wall thickness measurement. The Company holds patents on certain exclusive inspection technology that allows oil and gas companies to use their current drill strings and other equipment to reach depths that were previously unreachable. This technology can make wells safer, increase the success rate for critical wells, and greatly reduce the chances of a failure. As the industry moves to ever deeper reserves and makes advances in horizontal drilling, oil and gas wells are becoming more and more expensive and difficult to drill, making this technology more of a necessity.

In the oilfield pipe sales and storage segment, Energy & Technology, Corp utilizes a state-of-the-art web based inventory management system that allows each client to view and track projects during processing, to locate inventory throughout the plant, and access reports, bill of ladings, tally sheets, logs and other required information.

Energy Technology Manufacturing & Threading, LLC's new facility has been completed and is fully operational. This facility is capable of threading, bucking, and repair of drill pipe, casing, and tubing up to 11 7/8" diameter. The plant is equipped with a Computer Controlled lathe accurate to within the most critical of tolerances, and has the capability to manufacture, thread, repair, and manufacture pup joints and marker joints to any length the customer requires, as well as to machine any threads for which specs can be furnished. Technicians have between 10 and 34 years of experience in the manufacturing and threading industry. This new facility brings ENGT one step closer to its goal of supplying all tubular services under one roof.


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