3-D Virtual Imaging Pipe Inspection Services

Technical Industries, Inc. recently introduced the Visonic™ 3-D Virtual Imaging pipe inspection services for all types of pipes including OCTG, drill pipe, landing strings and line pipe.

The full service NDT (Non Destructive Testing) company, who also offers traditional EMI (Electromagnetic Inspection) and FLUT (Full Length Ultrasonic inspection) services, is now able to qualify pipe for deep and critical wells by using the actual capability of each pipe, the data of every 'l4 inch section along the linear length of the pipe is collected and stored one reading for each degree, 360 degrees to be displayed for the user.

When the DATA is used with the proper algorithm, the user will be able to determine the collapse, burst and tensile strengths of each pipe, based on actual metal mass. For example, Current specifications require new pipe to include 5% safety factor, and therefore reduces the pull rate by an average of 35%, and further use of the pipe to premium class requires the reduction of 20% safety factor, thus reducing the tensile strength by an average of 76%.

Present inspection do not allow the reach of today's planned critical well depths with\regular used pipe, making Technical Industries, Inc., Visonic™ 3-D inspection a necessity.

The system will provide a permanent image of each pipe, which could be viewed at any time, and after several inspections, the Visonic™ 3-D imaging will able the client to calculate previous wear, and therefore, project future life expectancy of the pipe.

In addition, the Visonic™ String Builder enables the client to automatically sort the pipe string, assuring that the strongest pipe will be placed in the most critical part of the well.

Go Gulf article - Jan. - Feb. 2004